WHO WE ARE

Lawyers, regulatory consultants, business advisors, tax, corporate and funds services experts.

We cover every angle of business law. We offer comprehensive legal and tax services on a global scale, with a team of over 200 professionals working cross-functionally to provide solutions for clients across various business law areas.

We operate in 12 countries across four continents and values excellence in service, ethical responsibility, and innovation to anticipate market demands. Our objective is to promote a trustworthy and secure environment that encourages ethical and sustainable business growth. Our approach is based on three core values:

Professional quality in all areas of business law.

Innovation, To stay one step ahead of the market.

Highest ethical standards an unremitting focus on the fundamental guiding principles of our profession.

  • We bridge the gap between legal advice and its implementation.
  • We take an integrated approach to solving your business issues.
  • We are Beke - Europe's leading legal, tax and business services firm.

A Client-centric strategy

Beke Law Firm’s main clients are large and medium-sized local companies, as well as multinationals and international investors seeking advice on cross-border transactions. Our business model is based not only on assisting clients with their investments in the market but also on getting to know their business and the sector in which they operate, in order to offer an effective service, tailored to their particular needs. This approach enables us to create solid, long-lasting client relationships: in the last ten years, more than three thousand clients have been with us on an ongoing basis.

A client-centric law firm is a law firm that puts the needs and interests of its clients at the forefront of its operations. This means that the firm prioritizes delivering high-quality legal services that are tailored to the specific needs and goals of each individual client. Here are some characteristics of a client-centric law firm:

Client-focused approach: A client-centric law firm understands that each client is unique and has specific needs and goals. The firm takes the time to understand the client's situation and objectives, and tailors its legal services accordingly.

Communication: A client-centric law firm places a strong emphasis on clear and consistent communication with clients. This includes keeping clients informed about the status of their legal matters, responding promptly to inquiries, and providing regular updates.

Collaboration: A client-centric law firm works collaboratively with clients to develop legal strategies that align with their goals. This involves working closely with clients to understand their priorities and concerns, and involving them in the decision-making process.

Flexibility: A client-centric law firm is flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances. It is willing to adjust its legal strategies and services based on new information or changes in the client's situation.

Value: A client-centric law firm provides high-quality legal services that are tailored to the client's needs, while also being cost-effective. The firm is transparent about its billing practices and provides value to its clients.

Responsiveness: A client-centric law firm is responsive to the needs of its clients, and is available to provide guidance and support when needed. This includes being accessible to clients outside of normal business hours and being willing to provide urgent legal services when necessary.

Overall, our client-centric law firm is focused on delivering high-quality legal services that are tailored to the specific needs and goals of its clients. It places a strong emphasis on communication, collaboration, flexibility, value, and responsiveness, and works closely with clients to achieve their objectives.

Beke Chambers LL.P

As Limited Law Partnership (LLP) we operate a specific type of Limited Liability Partnership that is used exclusively in law firms. An LLP is a legal business structure that provides the benefits of a partnership, such as flexibility and pass-through taxation, with the added benefit of limited liability protection for its partners.
In the case of an LLP, the partners are typically licensed attorneys who are allowed to provide legal services to clients. LLPs are often used by law firms that wish to maintain the flexibility of a partnership while also providing their partners with limited liability protection.
In an LLP, each partner is not personally liable for the debts and obligations of the partnership or the negligence or misconduct of other partners. This means that the personal assets of the partners are protected in the event of a lawsuit or bankruptcy, and the partners are only liable to the extent of their capital contributions to the LLP.
In addition to the limited liability protection, LLPs may also provide other benefits such as pass-through taxation, which means that the profits and losses of the LLP are passed through to the partners and reported on their individual tax returns. This can result in a lower tax burden for the partners.
It is important to note that the exact requirements and regulations for LLPs may vary depending on the jurisdiction and specific industry, such as law. It is recommended to consult with a legal professional to determine the specific requirements and advantages of setting up an LLP for a law firm.

Committed to innovation

At Beke law firm, we are committed to revolutionizing the legal services industry through innovative practices that improve the quality of service we provide to our clients, streamline our internal operations, and develop novel solutions to complex legal problems. We place a high emphasis on leveraging technology as a key factor in distinguishing ourselves and adding value for both our clients and employees.

As part of this commitment, we are actively engaged in various projects focused on data intelligence and robotization with the goal of improving productivity and ensuring greater security in our services.

Our finance department plays an essential role in our organization, from bookkeeping to providing critical information for strategic decision-making. We recognize that financial sustainability is a vital component of our overall sustainability strategy, and therefore, we prioritize safeguarding our firm's and clients' assets.

Our finance team rigorously manages financial operations and ensures effective controls to maintain a sound financial footing. They also play a key role in monitoring, managing, and improving our firm's operations by regularly measuring and reporting on key metrics that define our success.

In collaboration with our partners and management, the finance team develops our firm's budgets and forecasts and provides progress reports throughout the year. We believe that by prioritizing financial sustainability and effective financial management, we can continue to provide high-quality legal services while remaining a competitive and successful firm in the industry.

Practice Areas

Although we began with a focus on M&A and corporate law, our firm has grown into a full-service law practice. Today our departments are each recognized as leaders in the legal profession. Our clients can benefit from an integrated practice, that ensures a coordinated and cost-effective management of all aspects of their transactions.

Art Law + Administrative Law and Tenders + Africa Desk + Antitrust and Regulatory ⇢ Competition Law ⇢ EU Law ⇢ Regulatory ⇢ Unfair commercial practices and misleading advertisement + Banking & Finance + China Desk + Corporate. Mergers & Acquisitions ⇢ Corporate and Commercial ⇢ Joint Ventures ⇢ Listed Companies ⇢ Mergers & Acquisitions ⇢ Private Equity ⇢ Privatizations + Data Protection ⇢ Data Protection Systems ⇢ Foreign Authority Investigations + Energy and Infrastructure + Environmental Law ⇢ Energy and Gas ⇢ Environmental Litigation ⇢ Industrial Clients ⇢ Public Sector ⇢ Real estate and public procurement practice + Financial Markets ⇢ Capital Increases + India Desk + Insolvency and Reorganizations ⇢ Corporate Restructuring ⇢ Insolvency + Insurance + Intellectual Property, TMT and Cybersecurity ⇢ Copyright and Related Rights ⇢ Cybersecurity ⇢ Information Technology and E-Commerce ⇢ Media ⇢ Patents and know-how ⇢ Trademarks and Designs ⇢ Unfair commercial practices and advertising ⇢ Unfair Competition + Korea Desk + Labour Law ⇢ Commercial Agents ⇢ Employment Contracts ⇢ Litigation ⇢ Pensions and Social Security ⇢ Restructurings and Reorganizations + Litigation and Arbitration ⇢ Alternative Dispute Resolutions ⇢ Domestic Litigation + Luxembourg Desk + Real Estate ⇢ Real Estate Funds + Shipping, Aviation and Transportation + Taxation + Wealth and Trust ⇢ Asset Protection ⇢ Governance and Next Generation Transfer ⇢ Non-Profit Activities + White Collar Crime

Professional excellence

Quality is the hallmark of our work. Our goal is to be the firm of choice for clients with regards to all their legal needs, whatever may be the size of the matter. Excellent, timely and pragmatic advice is what makes us an award-winning law firm.

Integrated Approach

Corporate practice has always been our core business. Over the years, the prestige enjoyed in this area led us to diversify and develop other areas into core specialties. Today, we provide our clients with an integrated approach which results in a coordinated and efficient management of all aspects of their transactions.


Efficiency is a primary concern for our clients. That is why we focus on providing them with a tailor-made team that is the best combination of quality and cost-effectiveness. Team coordination, in-depth understanding of our clients’ businesses and needs, and a focus on their strategic objectives are the strengths that fuel our efficiency.

Business network

Thanks to an increasing volume of activity at the highest levels, over the years we have built a business network with major stakeholders. Today we enjoy a credibility that our clients can benefit from tremendously.

They recognize us

Legal awards are recognition given to individuals or organizations in the legal profession who have demonstrated exceptional performance, achievement, and contributions to the field. These awards can be given by legal associations, professional organizations, legal publications, or other entities that recognize excellence in the legal profession. Our cabinet speaks volumes.

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